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Posts tagged "bookcase light"

Creative LED Bookcase For Night Owls

Wed, Aug 17, 2011 | Bookcases

From the legends and fairy-tales we know that at midnight some things turn into pumpkins; some people turn into wolves and other animals and this funny bookcase becomes a lamp. Wha Cabinet by Russian designer Tembolat Gugkaev is a nice bookcase which was inspired by a question mark. nside it there is an installed lamp that may be turned on if needed; it...Continue Reading...


Graffititek – French Bookshelf with Lighting

Fri, Dec 26, 2008 | Bookcases, Lights

Graffititek bookshelf is a new design by French designer Charles Kalpakian. It’s inspired by Parisian Graffiti art and aims to offer new perspective on the craft by reinterpreting it in a three-dimensional way. There aren’t standard straight lines of traditional bookshelves and all book titles will be in distort order if you put them there. It...Continue Reading...


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