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Two Volume House Situated on a 160 Square Meter Strip of Land

The Kensington Lighthouse, located in Melbourne, Australia, on a 160 sqm strip of land. The house is made from two sunshells, connected around a courtyard by a rectangular timber lined volume running the length of the north boundary. This north boundary is a 4m high wall of the neighboring house. The ground level of the west end of the house contains entry,...Continue Reading...


Environmentally Friendly Modular Built Home – The EcoFabulous Home

This award-winning environmentally friendly modular built home is a project by Architecton and Shelter Industries. The 1,400 square feet v-shaped vacation home is the result of the growing interest in preserving environmental resources by using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials and products. The house’s exterior is made of cedar and steel...Continue Reading...


Pair of Connected Row Homes with Bamboo-Filled Courtyard

Mon, Jul 27, 2009 | Sustainable house designs

Building Arts Workshop (Jeff and Tracy Prose) are those why created The Orchid Street Cityhomes. These houses are not typical duplexes. They share a common wall, a garage and bamboo-filled courtyard. Both units are done in blend of wood cladding, masonry, glass, and slanting roofs and have two stories. Sense of calm could be felt as inside of homes as in...Continue Reading...

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