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Colorful Macaron Lamp Inspired By Famous Confections

Sat, Jul 11, 2015 | Lamps

Inspired by the candy-colored, sugary French confection known as macarons, Spanish designer Silvia Ceñal designed this colorful lamp. The sweet treat is made from simple ingredients and following that very same idea, Ceñal combined simple materials to achieve the Macaron Lamp. With two pieces of wood, Ceñal wrapped a thick, textured cord around them to...Continue Reading...


Funny Passa Cabos Lamp Inspired By Little Ferrets

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 | Lamps

In some countries, the ferret is trained to pass electrical cables inside the ducts. Portuguese designer André Valério was inspired by this story to create this anthropomorphic table lamp made of cork. The result is so cute and funny! There’s a cork and an MDF version of this small animal lamp that would look cute on your bedside table; the light is...Continue Reading...


Stylish Black And White Lamps In Shape Of Birds

Mon, Oct 17, 2011 | Lamps

One more piece inspired by nature, to be precise, by birds. If you like them, you’ll like these lamps by Atelier Areti that all have bird-like shapes. The collection is called Alouette and the lamps are available in black and white in shapes of birds of different sizes. There are table lamps, pendant lamps and floor ones. The models are various, with one...Continue Reading...


3 Cool Lamps For The Kids’ Room by Leblon-Delienne

Sat, Jul 23, 2011 | Lamps

The interior of the kids’ room is as important as any other. It should be bright and funny with safe and soft furniture. Leblon-Delienne presents cool lamps for the kids. Lampe Girafe is very smart and cute, it’s made of rubber so your kids may do anything they want with the lamp, even ride it. Le Petit Prince Lamp will remind you of the famous book by...Continue Reading...

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