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Posts tagged "futuristic tables"

Futuristic Table And Chairs To Hide In It

Wed, Dec 12, 2012 | Furniture

Minimalist furniture has many advantages – it’s style, first of all, and it’s rather often a great space-saving solution. This furniture is no exclusion. AndViceVersa presents A-Cute, a set of furniture that includes two chairs and a table that join together to form a sculptural, multi-faceted shape when not in use – it’s a perfect idea if you...Continue Reading...

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Futuristic FOLDONE Table By Novae Architecture

Fri, Oct 19, 2012 | Tables

This table soon will be produced, now it’s still a concept – but such a cool one! Novae Architecture created FOLDONE table – it’s a continuum of folding surfaces, giving a contemporary spirit to space. Dynamism and transformation are concepts which describe this design generated by research into the perception of movement: surfaces are folded,...Continue Reading...


Futuristic And Industrial Table Collection With Mechanisms

Wed, Feb 22, 2012 | Tables

Industrial design is very fashionable today but we usually imagine such things as something rough and manly. But this collection by Roch Bobois is exquisite and exclusive, it looks like no other – a mix of industrial and futuristic style. It’s a collection of dining and coffee tables called Astrolab with a glass top that opnely displays for all to see...Continue Reading...


Futuristic Bright Office Desk Of Acryl

Sat, Jan 14, 2012 | Desks

It’s high time for unique, modern and futuristic furniture! Volna Table designed by the Turkish design firm Nüvist is right that unique piece. We have already told you of some pieces by them and this one continues the collection. It’s perfect to complete the décor of your modern office or home office. The table has an unbroken and continuous form,...Continue Reading...


Minimalist Table And Stool With A Hidden Storage

Fri, Apr 15, 2011 | Tables

Cado Side Table and Stool is a wonderful example of modern furniture – simple, functional but unusual. This multifunctional piece won’t cost you a lot – just $440, its measures are 18″ H x 18.5″ W 18.5″ D. The most interesting feature is the compound form of a polygon of the stool or table, simple black leather doesn’t distract attention from...Continue Reading...


Iconic Contemporary Table with Sleek Deisng – Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid

Wed, Oct 6, 2010 | Tables

Aqua table is designed by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons is an iconic of contemporary furniture design. Fluidity is its key characteristic that makes it looks so cool and unusual. The table’s three fin-like legs appear to be in motion, these register as indentations on the gently undulating tabletop. The Aqua Table is an uninterrupted whole, a...Continue Reading...


Cool Ultra-Modern Dining and Low Tables by Rlos Design

Sat, Oct 24, 2009 | Tables

If you are a fan of ultra modern design and even futuristic one then tables by a young and very creative French company Rlos Design are created right for you. Among its products you could find as big dining tables as low tables, but all of them are absolutely innovative and look terrific. They are made in trendy black and white color scheme and easy could...Continue Reading...


Translucent LED Light Tables – Lounge from Moree

Whether in the living area or in the courtyard Lounge extraordinary translucent tables from Moree will fill the place with atmospheric light. There are tables as with simple white LED bulbs as with built-in multi-color LED bulbs and remote controls which allow to control entire colour spectrum. By mixing the primary colours red, green and blue, every color...Continue Reading...


Slim Futuristic Tables from KREATY

Wed, Apr 15, 2009 | Tables

Slim line from Kreaty represents latest trends in minimalist, futuristic table design. Tables are made from a steel frame painted in one of 3 colors available: gray aluminum, white or black. The frame is very thin and has rounded edges made of tempered or laminated glass, separating it from legs. Such combination is extremely elegant in its simplicity and...Continue Reading...