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Dinosaur Planters For Kids’ Rooms

Sat, Sep 10, 2011 | Planters

Do you like reptiles? And what about ancient reptiles? A tyrannosaurus, triceratops or any other animal like that? Decorate your space or the kid’s room with true dinosaurs! These a little bit scary pieces are planters. The figures are made of plastic and have planters inside their backs, the figures are very realistic. There are many kinds of dinosaurs...Continue Reading...

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Eco-Friendly Modern Planter And LED Lamp In One

Tue, Jul 26, 2011 | Lamps, Planters

If a product is multifunctional and stylish at once, it would attract much attention and very popular. No doubt, that NudeLamp by GreenLantern is one of these. The horn-shaped LED lamp can make any space look alive and you can use it as a flower pot also. The base houses a flower pot and can be used to place your favorite blossoms and plants. This will add...Continue Reading...


Functional Bright Planters For Your Garden

Thu, Jun 16, 2011 | Planters

Any garden without plants is lifeless. Fill your garden with life and colors with this new pot from Solisombra! The pot called Bloom is a piece of plastic that imitates flax. Its round shape is very comfortable in using and easy to clean; there’s also a protection from UV rays. The bright lively colors are pleasant for the eye: violet, lilac, orange,...Continue Reading...

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Practical Planter Pot Combined With a Lamp That Illuminate The Plant and Helps It Grows

Sat, Sep 11, 2010 | Planters

There are more and more cool planter that you can buy nowadays and some of them several purposes at once. The wood bench combined with a planter and the Tutoring planter combined with a lamp are some of those multipurpose objects. The Tutoring by AAVRA is an awesome solution for growing plant in urban environments. It saves space and provides a plant with...Continue Reading...

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Translucent Glowing Pots and Planters – Vazon by Rolotuxe

Sat, May 29, 2010 | Pots

As we already noticed, glowing pots and planters are awesome decoration for any outdoor and even indoor space. There are some of such translucent pots and planters among simple, stylish and yet sustainable products by Rotoluxe. The company creates objects of interior design from recycled content and use low watt CFL/LED lighting to provide them with an...Continue Reading...


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