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3D Printed Faucets: DVX By American Standard

A whole new era of fixtures is here: 3D printed faucets. DXV by American Standard is taking it to the next level with their brand new creative faucet designs created with 3D printing technology. Using selective laser sintering, each faucet takes about 24 hours to be printed out of solid metal. It is then hand-finished to create a more polished look. This...Continue Reading...

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Minimalist Geometric Pivot Faucet By Dornbracht

Wed, Jul 3, 2013 | Kitchen Appliances

High technologies and minimalism, functionality and high-quality aesthetics combined in this Pivot faucet by German kitchen and bathroom design brand Dornbracht. Any minimalist kitchen really lacks such a piece because he Pivot faucet’s wide reaching arm (552 mm) rotates 360° allowing the faucet to be used across an entire kitchen island. A practical but...Continue Reading...


360 Degree Kitchen Faucet In Chrome With Contrasting Spout and Lever

Wed, Nov 10, 2010 | Kitchen Appliances

The 360 degree kitchen faucet by Italian bath and kitchen fittings maker, Webert, is a functional element of a kitchen that can make cooking and washing dishes much more comfortable and easy. The faucet is equipped with an innovative spout that rotates 360 degrees. This spout not only makes the faucet functional but also make its look more stylish. The user...Continue Reading...


Hi-Tech Kitchen Faucet With Touch-Screen Controller

Tue, Oct 26, 2010 | Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays is the era of mobile devices with touch screens. That all started with iPhone and now there are plenty of other phones and small computers with such displays. Some kitchen appliances feature touch screen displays too. Nomos faucet by creator of innovative faucets Fima Carlo Frattini, is one of those appliances. It has a modern design and fully...Continue Reading...


Modern Semi-Automatic Faucet With Touch Sensor and LED Light

USO is a new semi-automatic faucet designed by KWC. It’s perfect solution for any kitchen or bathroom. The faucet looks modern and made entirely of stainless stell. Besides, the faucet has a minimum-contact sensor that reacts to a quick touch of the sprout and displays the water temperature using colour coding. You can tap once to get cold (blue),...Continue Reading...


Wall-Mount Kitchen Faucet by Kohler

Wed, Jan 21, 2009 | Kitchen Appliances

New Karbon wall-mount kitchen faucet by Kohler is the new level of faucets. It’s more flexible than most others faucets without losing in style. It looks modern and thanks to five pivoting joints could pull the water in large variety of angles. Its design also allow to use it without constant holding it in contrast to other flexible faucets. It would...Continue Reading...

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Adjustable Kitchen Faucet by Nobili

Mon, Dec 29, 2008 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen designs

Nobili is one of design company for famous in faucets world Grohe. Their new adjustable faucet is great example of minimalist and modern look with great functionality. The design give an ability to fold faucet bends back to reduce bulk when not in use, or to change it height depending on dish you’re washing. The faucet will be great addition to every...Continue Reading...


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