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Colorful Neon Yellow Sink And Counter Top

Fri, Jun 22, 2012 | Bathroom Appliances

In summer we all want bright colors to raise the spirits, to feel that it’s summer. Pyrolave presented this colorful neon yellow stone sink and counter top that can become a cool accent in the kitchen. The piece is very durable, of high quality and with a cool texture. There are more than 32 colors in the collection, you can choose any eye-catching accent...Continue Reading...

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Retro Brass Sink Of True Vintage Material And Looks

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 | Bathroom Appliances

Vintage and retro are very fashionable nowadays. Many designers create things in these styles. Restart created old-style brass sinks. They made these sinks of old farmhouse aesthetics – both in material and looks. The integrated dish rack and towel bar add to the sink’s classic aesthetic functionality. The frontal overhang and edge are a nice touch....Continue Reading...

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Minimalist Kitchen Sinks with Movable Cutting Board and Retractable Faucets

Tue, Sep 14, 2010 | Kitchen Appliances

Two new series of enclosed sinks by Blanco are perfect for those who likes minimalist flat surfaces and wanna make their kitchen’s cupboard look uncluttered. Besides they are also perfect for those kitchen where the cupboard’s space is at premium. Sinks from Blancoalaros and Crystalline series features moving cutting boards that hides everything...Continue Reading...

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Dornbracht Water Zone – Complete Water Sets and Units Packages

Thu, Apr 9, 2009 | Kitchen Appliances

Dornbracht, the leading manufacturer of high-quality fixtures and accessories for the bathroom and kitchens developed completely new product – water zones for different kitchens tasks. Each water zone consist of specially configured water sets (fittings), water units (sinks) and accessories. With such packages kitchen planners, architects and end...Continue Reading...

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