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Posts tagged "La Maison Coloniale"

Magic Indian Ideas For Living Room And Bedroom

Sun, Mar 22, 2009 | Bedroom designs, Living room designs

India is always associated with its fragrance, sounds and colour. This country is something spiritual and even magic. “Fragrance of the Indies” collection is the most amazing offer of La Maison Coloniale, which invite you to relax and travel to distant lands in the comfort of your own home. This collection reflectes nature of India, its culture and...Continue Reading...


Great Indonesian Furniture For Bedroom

Tue, Mar 17, 2009 | Bedroom designs

French company “La maison coloniale” give you a wonderful opportunity to furnish your bedroom using traditions of different countries. Your room could look such a real Indonesian place with “Impressions of Indonesia” collection of furniture. Mostly that furniture is made in Indonesia of teak by craftsmen, special for “La maison coloniale”, so it...Continue Reading...


Chinese Furniture in Room Designing

The Chinese way of life offers a limitless source of inspiration. Chinese furniture traditions reflect the perfect balance between the practical and the spiritual. Whether interpreting the ancient or designing something new, La Maison Coloniale’s furniture illustrates this Chinese tradition in its “Spirit of China” collection. It consist of...Continue Reading...


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