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Posts tagged "minimalist wall cabinet"

Original Walking Cabinet Twisted In Different Directions

Sat, Apr 20, 2013 | Sideboards

Markus Johansson Design Studio showed that a piece of furniture can be original due not only to color or material but its shape is the most important feature. This Walking Cabinet seems to be in a playful and harmonic dance. Legs twist in different directions on the pavement; the cabinet seems to pose a life of its own. These colorful pieces are very...Continue Reading...


Unusual Sewing Box Cabinet With A Tricky Mechanism

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 | Sideboards

It took designer Kiki van Eijk 4 years to bring the mechanism of this cabinet to perfection. The Sewing Box cabinet opens like a giant sewing box. The cabinet is handmade of elm wood and features knobs cast in solid brass. The mechanism is supported by springs so that pulling on one side opens up the whole structure, despite its weight, without a motor or...Continue Reading...


Modern Reinterpretation Of A Traditional Glass Cabinet

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 | Sideboards

A traditional glass presentation cabinet used to be in many homes, especially in the last century – there you could put some vases, accessories and photos in frames. This is a reinterpretation of this piece – Display Away cabinet by designer Stine Knudsen Aas. The idea is that instead of the objects inside it you can see only subtle lines, and even...Continue Reading...

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Cool Bright Cabinet In Mid-Century And Minimalist Style

Mon, Sep 10, 2012 | Sideboards

A cabinet is an ideal piece for storage and one of the favorite objects for design experiments. This one is called Mobilage and is manufactured by Macmamau. It’s a simple and compact cabinet with natural wood doors and on high and slender legs. Inside there are moveable internal shelves. The choice of materials and chromatic combinations, seemingly...Continue Reading...


Interactive Cabinet That Changes According To Your Needs

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 | Sideboards

We are all racking our brains to create or find the idea of the most functional furniture that would be suitable for small spaces and wouldn’t take much space. Designer Yi Cong Lu presents Growing Cabinet – a very practical solution for such a case. In contrast to other cabinets, the drawers of “growing cabinet” are located on the side. By...Continue Reading...


Minimalist Yet Extravagant Wall System

Sat, Jun 11, 2011 | Wall systems

Do you want an extravagant but minimalist chest of drawers? Here you are! Designer Marty Guixe created this fantastic piece for BD Barcelona. This wall system is called Free Port. The designer didn’t want to see strict constructions and his abstract thinking transformed into this piece. You can’t understand exactly what it is – a sideboard? A shelf? A...Continue Reading...

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A Console Unit And A Desk With Built-In Audio

Mon, May 23, 2011 | Tables

This furniture reminds me of the 60s. Maybe designer Paolo Cappello likes these years and style. These are TOROTOTELA micro desk and the CAIXA media cabinet both with integrated audio speakers. The Miniform Caixa was designed to be a stylish, large home entertainment hub, offering hookups for your, computer, MP3 player and a HDTV to a pair of high quality...Continue Reading...


Multi-Purpose MDF Wall Cabinet With Super Mirror Door Finish – Clino by Pallucco

Wed, Jul 7, 2010 | Wall systems

Designed by one of Italy’s most promising designers, Gabriele Rosa, the Clino MDF wall cabinet is a multi-purpose storage solutions for any room. The cabinet is available in three versions: door and sides with a super mirror steel finish and white interior; all-over white lacquered finish with a “peach skin” effect; door with a super mirror steel...Continue Reading...


Minimalistic Furniture by RKNL

Wed, Mar 11, 2009 | Furniture

RKNL Furniture Studio isn’t big manufacturer which makes a lot of furniture. They are rather small but who concentrate their efforts on on style of it. As you might already understand that is minimalistic furniture. Although there are only 3 products available they all worth a mention. The products are coffee table, small table and wall mounted...Continue Reading...

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