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55 Original Aquariums In Home Interiors

Fri, Feb 8, 2013 | Decorating

If you love sea and often think of spending time at the seaside, bring a piece to your space. Today there are so many stylish aquariums that can not only create an atmosphere but also accentuate the interior and fulfill some functions. A more traditional idea for such a piece is an aquarium coffee table but you can also take it to your home office – today...Continue Reading...


The Most Expensive Aquarium for Modern Interior In The World

Tue, Nov 23, 2010 | Other

When it comes to the world of luxury furniture there are such crazy things that most people can’t even imagine. For example, this aquarium has a 65 million year old history and is priced at £3 million. The most expensive and exclusive aquarium is made of massive amount of pure solid 24ct gold, mammoth tusk and a unique piece of T-REX bone. Stuart...Continue Reading...


Contemporary Indoor Ponds for Fishes and Plants

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 | Other

Domestic ponds is the project by Duende Studio with Mathieu Lehanneur, Benjamin Graindorge and Eric Jourdan at the Galerie BSL which combines an aquarium with living indoor garden in one piece of contemporary interior decor. The aquarium is turned into a pond that permits a minimal maintenance and is a perfect ecosystem for hydroponic agriculture. The...Continue Reading...

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Modern Two Level Black and White Aquarium

Thu, Oct 21, 2010 | Furniture

In order to get aquarium that is something more than usual rectangle made of glass glass you usually need to order or make the custom one. Swedish designer Karl-Oskar Ankarberg has recently presented the new aquarium that combines ideas of Yin-Yang and multi-residential building design. Archiquarium has modern design and consists of two levels. Fishes can...Continue Reading...


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