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Leblanc Cox Residence Inspired By A Hitchcock’s Thriller

Fri, Aug 3, 2012 | Movie houses

Richness and architectural variety – these two words describe Leblanc Cox Residence very well. It was projected by Charles Todd Helton and is located in Austin, USA. The building was inspired by one shown in the famous Hitchcock’s thriller called North by Northwest. One more inspiration was taken from the works of Frank Lloyd Wright with his organic...Continue Reading...


The Warm and Cozy Interiors From “Reign Over Me” Movie

Fri, Apr 6, 2012 | Movie houses

What is the main element of dramas, thrillers and other films, which hold you in suspense from the beginning till the end? It is the atmosphere. The atmosphere, which makes you immerse yourself in a movie, live the life of the hero and feel with him. “Reign Over Me” is one of the best films with Adam Sandler. In this movie Adam, who is loved by audience...Continue Reading...


McCallister`s House: Dream Of The Childhood!

Wed, Apr 4, 2012 | Movie houses

“Home alone” is loved by children and their parents. But except of stupid “Wet bandits” and a resourceful tow-haired boy there is one more thing which can attract your attention in this movie… A nice, cozy, warm, big and gorgeously furnished house of a happy American family, who flew away to Paris without their youngest son. Does anybody think it...Continue Reading...

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