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Long One Storey House Plan With Dark Iron Walls – Martinborough House by Parsonson Architects

Sat, Jul 17, 2010 | Country home designs

The main feature of this New Zealand’s house is an boundless space surrounding it. The house sits long and low in this large and multi-layered landscape. The dark corrugated iron walls blend with the dark lines of Macrocarpa shelter planting in the distance. Thanks to a large size of the site, Parsonson Architects choose not even to build a second...Continue Reading...

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House Oriented in Two Directions But Protected From Neighbors

Sat, Jul 3, 2010 | Contemporary home designs

The Northland House is designed by Parsonson Architects to sit high enough to overlook Wellington Harbour, New Zeeland. It’s oriented in two directions, east to the harbour and hills beyond and west to the afternoon sun. From the road the house peers austerely over the protective courtyard wall, while the inside spaces feel very open and connected to...Continue Reading...


Modular Holiday Home of Both a Strong Architectural Character and Economy

This holiday home was an exploration in how to create a building of both a strong architectural character and economy. It’s designed by Parsonson Architects and located on Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand. The building is a modular rectangle construction with a very simple form. The plan is a rectangle and is divided into 3 parts, the solid bedroom forms...Continue Reading...

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