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Posts tagged "rustic kitchen"

31 Cozy And Chic Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Ideas

Thu, Feb 19, 2015 | Kitchen designs |

Farmhouse décor has become of the hottest trends, and it’s not surprising because such design makes any space cozy, warm and inviting. A kitchen is a place where everyone gather to cook, eat and talk, so it’s often the heart of the house, and designing it in farmhouse style is great decision! Farmhouse means rustic and kind of traditional, so classic...Continue Reading...


33 Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

Tue, Jul 16, 2013 | Kitchen designs |

Rustic style is very relaxing and reminds of countryside that’s why more and more designers and house owners want to create it. Scandinavian style due to its simplicity and natural charm is also gaining popularity. The mix of these styles makes any space just stunning and naturally simple. Today we’ll talk about rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs....Continue Reading...


Kitchen Designed In Modern Victorian Style

Tue, Apr 12, 2011 | Kitchen designs

This kitchen is done in modern Victorian style; unfortunately, we don’t know who the author is. The set looks really like an old one but with a lot of modern details. Light blue, green and white combine very well. Every effort was made to repeat the style. Simple wooden tops add some modern touches. I like the kitchen island with a space for wine bottles...Continue Reading...

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Functional And Unusual Kitchen Set Of Bamboo

Fri, Mar 18, 2011 | Kitchen designs

Today furniture with modern design and many chests to put things becomes more and more popular as some of us don’t have enough space. Have a look at this bamboo furniture. It was designed by MARIELUCE and produced by We Do Wood in Denmark. The wood isn’t typical for Scandinavian countries – it’s bamboo, but it looks great, warm and calm. Such color...Continue Reading...


Contemporary Kitchen With Rustic Design by TOYO

Wed, Nov 3, 2010 | Kitchen designs

Ino Provence is one of the latest kitchens designed by Toyo Kitchen. It’s a perfect choice for those who live a peaceful and relaxing life thanks to its simple and nostalgic design that is reminiscent of country living in harmony with nature. Even though the new kitchen has a vintage-like look it still features contemporary quality and durability....Continue Reading...


Dolmen – Modern and Rustic Kitchen Design by Valcucine

Tue, Feb 17, 2009 | Kitchen designs

High technology, formal simplicity, pure and essential lines are the main features of Dolmen kitchen. The idea of the design is to play with light and color in order to blend with the natural stone. Valcucine made top and sides of the kitchen from crystal, a material composed of indestructible minerals like quartz and granite finely blended in different...Continue Reading...


Modern Rustic Kitchen by Alessi

Thu, Dec 4, 2008 | Kitchen designs

If you have a studio with rustic elements in decor than you definitely should take a look at Alessi modern kitchens designs. Pale and unfinished walls, a slightly battered wooden floors from the one side and the most hottest up-to-date kitchen furniture from the other could create really phenomenal look. Charismatic look of “old” stuff process...Continue Reading...

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