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26 Unique Pillows That Will Make You Swoon

Thu, Aug 6, 2015 | Pillows

Sometimes a small accessory can change everything, accentuate your space and create an atmosphere. I think pillows are one of those accessories that can transform the whole space, make it cozier, friendlier and even funnier. The pillows stated below strike with creativity: some of them can be used as a TV remote control, some of them glow in the dark, on...Continue Reading...


Comfortable And Inviting Sofa With Pillows by Källemo

Wed, Nov 2, 2011 | Sofa

Enjoy modern comfortable seating Spectra by Matti Klenell for Källemo. It’s a big seat that has a wooden frame and upholstered solid ash colored cushions. There are 10 pillows in two layers of different texture, density and size. They can be arranged to create the desired seating position, the size is 1020 x 670 x 1000 mm. Simple natural wood and soft...Continue Reading...


Pillow with Remote Control Pocket by K Studio

Thu, Sep 9, 2010 | Other

Remote control are those things that we always can’t find when we need them. They always hide between pillows or behind a sofa. Remote Control Pillow by Michigan-based K Studio is a nice solution to that problem. Each pillow features pocket sewn right on the front which can hold your TV remote control. The pillow is made of the most sustainable...Continue Reading...


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