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Luxurious SPA Bathtub With Everything You Need To Relax

Sat, Sep 29, 2012 | Bathtubs

This luxurious organic-shaped Spa is inspired by the mother of pearl. The amazing shape allows a sensuous escape from stressful life, by stimulating all the five senses and soothing them. You may choose combinations of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy yourself using a touch interface. There are wellness programs available or you may create your own and...Continue Reading...

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Compact Spa for Home

Thu, Nov 4, 2010 | Appliances

The Spa Combination by Klafs is a compact solution for organizing a spa area at your home. It consists of two heat cabins for a small area – the sauna and the steam shower. The steam shower serves two purposes at once: steam bathing, cleaning and cooling down after the sauna. The Spa Combination has a high-quality and durable construction that’s...Continue Reading...

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Luxury House Estate In Beverly Hills

Wed, Dec 3, 2008 | Luxury home designs

If you are one of Fortune 500 company’s owner and don’t think that economic situation is bad to buy luxury house than you definitely should check out this listing in Beverly Park. Although even you should be ready to spent 30M$ to buy it and pay a price of new Mercedes every year to maintain it. Luxury House Estate Beverly Hills The estate is...Continue Reading...