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Posts tagged "thinnest tv"

Bathroom Mirrors with Built-In TVs by Seura

Mon, Mar 22, 2010 | Bathroom Appliances, Mirrors

Seuro is one of those innovative companies which produce really new product. They create and install televisions that are incorporated into mirrors. Such product could be mount anywhere but the best place to install such TV is a bathroom. That is very useful for those who spent a lot of time during their evenings and mornings in that room. If those people...Continue Reading...

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Thinnest Plasma TV In The World by Panasonic

Sat, Jan 10, 2009 | Living Room Appliances

Looks like CES 2009 was not only show for LED TV manufacturers but for plasma TVs too. Panasonic presented the most thinnest plasma tv in the world – NeoPDP. It’s 1/3 inch (~8.5mm) thin what’s 2.5 mm thicker than thinnest LG LED TV, 40″ and use 33% less energy. Although having a thin plasma TV is cool but with such size it...Continue Reading...


The Ultra Thinnest LED TV

Tue, Jan 6, 2009 | Living Room Appliances

Recently LG claimed that they designed the thinnest LED TV. They was going to present it at CES 2009 but Samsung beat them there. They first presented a 6.5mm thin LED TV panel. That’s sound 3x thinner, don’t you think? I think we aren’t so far from the time they would invent a tv we could put in the wardrobe when we won’t need...Continue Reading...


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