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Nest-Shaped Chair Of Rough Wood

Wed, Nov 9, 2011 | Chairs

Designer Floris Wubben inspired by the natural beauty of the wood decided to create an object that would highlight the natural beauty without distracting attention. It’s the Eyrie Chair that is made of steam bent ash, the connections between the slats are made using an Ash ‘pin’ and wood glue all of which sits on a frame formed by wooden...Continue Reading...


Bright Chair With A Rake For Your Bag

Fri, Sep 9, 2011 | Chairs

‘Fauchon’ means ‘rake’ in French and this word determines very well the point of this chair. The Fauchon chair was designed by French designer Mahdi Naim, as a part of a project for a Fauchon concept store in Casablanca, Morocco. The chair’s back looks like a rake but it includes a place for your purse or briefcase. The design is very dynamic and...Continue Reading...


Extremely Colorful Striped Chair Of Lacquered Beech

Tue, Aug 16, 2011 | Chairs

This is one of the funniest chairs I’ve ever seen. Mr Smith the Second is a multi-colored laminated beech chair by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley. It’s so colorful that reminds of some giant piece of candy. The chair is manufactured of colored beech wood with a high-gloss lacquer color choices and slatted design of which only emphasize the...Continue Reading...


Cool Corner Chair To Arrange An Uncommon Space

Sat, Aug 13, 2011 | Chairs

Some people love unusual furniture concepts. If you are one of them and dream of creating some surrealistic space in Salvador Dali’s style then buy this piece by Anton Björsing. Hörnstol takes an advantage of any corner. It’s not a common chair and not a practical design but it’s amazing in its uncommonness. The chair consists of two parts connected...Continue Reading...


Functional Chair For Small Spaces

Thu, Jun 2, 2011 | Chairs

Modern furniture should be comfortable, stylish and very functional – these are the qualities that Vladimir Paripovic tried to incarnate in his Folder Chair for the brand Abitare. Furniture is flexible with strong accent on folders, intended to be used in small rooms and limited spaces. Intelligent design offers change to the way we use standard...Continue Reading...


Futuristic Folding Office Chair

Thu, May 26, 2011 | Chairs

Dutch brand Douwe Jacobs presented Flux, a new approach to a chair. The chair is built in three steps and though it’s very light, its weight is only 4 pounds, it can hold up to 160 kg. The design is very complex, complicated oval shapes with sharp angles. The measures are 85x62x64 cm, it’s very ergonomic and easy to stack. These chairs are available...Continue Reading...

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Cute Low Furniture – Combination Of The East And West

Sat, May 14, 2011 | Chairs

Jovana Bogdanovic, a young Serbian artist, designed an interesting collection of low chairs called Low Chairs Family. These chairs combine the traditions of the East where people got used to low furniture with the hi-tech of the West. Jovana spent much time in China so this country and its traditions inspired her. The design is easy to integrate in any...Continue Reading...


Optical Illusion Chair With Only One Whole Leg

Tue, May 10, 2011 | Chairs

Optical illusions are great and you always think: how did they do it? There are invisible chairs that you can see only at one angle and now there is a chair with broken legs. Look, three of its legs are broken and their parts are missing! But how can we sit or stand on them? Though only one of its legs remains whole and in contact with the ground, Cut Chair...Continue Reading...


Fascinating Stepping Chair

Wed, May 4, 2011 | Chairs

DesignKLYK is a tandem of two designers – Kenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus. DesignKLYK has experience in architectural, automotive, branding, electronics, furniture, and product design, and is therefore capable of a wide variety of output. They present several of their works, one of them is a chair. These guys can’t make a simple chair, so look at...Continue Reading...


Chair And Ottoman Made Of Stripes

Fri, Apr 8, 2011 | Chairs

Stripe Tease is a chair by Giulio Iaccheti that was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. It’s a very comfortable sitting with an ottoman for your legs. They are made of stripes of leather and cotton and a steel frame. You’ll like contrasting colors. Such a chair will give you relaxation and calmness. It will look amazing in your garden or maybe...Continue Reading...