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Posts tagged "white coffee table"

Mezzanino Coffee Table With Architectural Details

Tue, Oct 23, 2012 | Tables

Milan design studio mist-o had architecture presents a concept of a coffee table as a podium, with some architectural detailing in mind – Mezzanino. The series of steps direct one’s attention to the world of architecture, and it’s also very functional – you may put for magazines, small objects, vases there. The concept directs you from the world...Continue Reading...


Transformable Minimalist Coffee Table That Grows If You Need

Mon, Feb 13, 2012 | Tables

Transformable furniture of simple colors and textures is the concept of modern minimalist furniture that is so often used in interiors today. This coffee table by Rotterdam designer Reinier de Jong is really a great example of such furniture. It can be expanded by sliding the middle sections outwards in either direction; the top and two sides are finished...Continue Reading...


Modern Dynamic Table For Race-Lovers

Wed, Jul 20, 2011 | Tables

The idea of this modern and a little bit futuristic table is a single continuous plane. Taking this idea and combining it with the aura of a specific place—in this case, Detroit—Tsai created the Cuda Side Table, which takes its cue from Motor City’s classic muscle cars. Though its shape may remind you of some animal from another planet like a table...Continue Reading...


Clouds Coffee Table Set

Tue, Apr 19, 2011 | Tables

Nature gives more and more inspiration to the designers. Look at this table called Clouds Coffee Table from Fashion 4 Home. Isn’t it a good and original idea? Actually, these are three separate tables. When used as one piece the smooth lines create a harmonious textured effect of real clouds. The Clouds Coffee Table Set is finished in an oaken veneer...Continue Reading...


Coffee Table With a Hidden Storage Area and Tableware Tray – Pandora by Anzalone Bistacchi

Fri, Jun 18, 2010 | Tables

Pandora coffee table, designed by Anzalone Bistacchi, has been inspired by the Parndara’s box. It features a hidden storage area in the middle. This area’s cover could also be used as a tray. Although the table isn’t only practical and thoughtful but also good looking. The structure of the top is made of Cristalplant, a smooth sculptural...Continue Reading...


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