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Green Vine Lamp – A Piece Of Nature In Your House

Fri, Aug 26, 2011 | Lamps

Green plants are always very inspiring; you’ve already seen Kanom Lounge Chair inspired by banana leaves and have a look at this vine-inspired lamp. Tazana, a Thai design company, created this beauty reminding a fresh and nice piece of nature. Foliage light consists of the green vine of one meter with a decorative leaf at each end. The lamp can be...Continue Reading...


Delicate Lamp Reminding Of Exotic Vegetation

Thu, Aug 18, 2011 | Lamps

We have already told you about several romantic style lamps like a lamp with butterflies. This is one more: Tord Boontje has created a new design for Artecnica that combines clear glass and etched metal to imitate luxurious, exotic vegetation found in remote, pristine jungles. It seems that the plants and flowers are glowing themselves. Garland Light is...Continue Reading...


Romantic White Lamp With Butterflies

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 | Lamps

Girls continue to inspire designers. We have already told you about some pieces of furniture that are inspired by women’s clothes. A lamp in shape of a hat or a table in shape of a shoe looks very sweet and tender but I have never seen a lamp that would be more romantic than that! These fantastic round lamps are from Italian brand Karman and called...Continue Reading...

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Original Lamps With Incrustation

Wed, May 18, 2011 | Lamps

Designer Alessandro Lenarda created an exquisite collection of pendant lamps called Reflex for Voltolina. It’s like a cloud of white glass with a metal chrome framing. Originally an octagon of crystal is incrusted with almost precious stones that reflect colors. Crystal, amber, red and black – these shades make the lamps more beautiful. The designer...Continue Reading...

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Very Practical And Stylish Lamp Producing Energy

Tue, Apr 26, 2011 | Lamps

This is maybe the most simple and genial idea of a lighting solution in the world. Designer Jeremy Brown created This Little Light, a simple mobile lamp, absolutely modern and very practical. This lamp moves and creates energy for itself. If you put it on a ride it can produce energy to light for 2 hours. This lamp can also move to any energy source if...Continue Reading...


Lamp With A Flower Inside The Bulb

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 | Lamps

Unfortunately, I don’t know whose project is this but isn’t it amazing? The lamp-flower that grows right from the socket. The leg looks like a trunk and the flower is growing inside the bulb. Isn’t it romantic? You can make glad your wife or your girlfriend by presenting her such a flower that will never fade. Such a lamp will look fine in many...Continue Reading...


An Outdoor Lamp Connecting Interior And Exterior

Wed, Apr 20, 2011 | Lamps

Dutch designer Geert Koster has created this outdoor lamp MATE for the editor of Italian magazine Metalarte. It’s a very stylish and modern solution made of white steel and a usual bulb. It washes away the boundaries between the interior and exterior because the lamp looks like a usual bedside lamp but a long leg makes it look like a street lamp. Its form...Continue Reading...


Art Deco Chandelier With An Umbrella

Thu, Mar 31, 2011 | Chandeliers

Do you like things in art deco style? I do. This chandelier was presented by Philippe Starck for Baccarat Collection. This beauty is called Marie Coquine. The chandelier combines an umbrella and several typical lamps with classical crystal. This combination is unreal! The chandelier is made of crystal, plastic and an umbrella. Such a lamp is not simple, it...Continue Reading...

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Mushroom Inspired Lamps

Wed, Mar 16, 2011 | Lamps

This lamp is called Placa. It was created by a Portuguese designer Gonzalo Campos. The conception is simple and genial: lamps are like mushrooms growing out of the base. You can use just one, two or all three lamps. In case you don’t need so much light you can take one and use the rest of the base as a shelf. Placa is a fine example of the modern...Continue Reading...

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Cool Futuristic Ceiling and Floor Lamps by Odue

Wed, Nov 18, 2009 | Lamps

If you want to add something original and even futuristic to your modern room design then you should check out wonderful lamps by Odue. This company offers several lamp collections and all of them are united by unusual lamp shapes and their amazing color schemes. Among them you could find not only wall and ceiling lamps but also decorate your room by one of...Continue Reading...


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