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The Most Futuristic House Design In The World

Mon, Jan 12, 2009 | Modern home designs | By Mike

There are a lot of houses which have modern designs although none of them look as futuristic as Dupli Casa by J. MAYER H. Architects. Dupli Casa is the residence near Ludwigsburg, Germany. The house geometry is based on the house which was there before J. MAYER H. redesigned it.

The villa has three floors. On the top level each bedroom protrudes, from the core of the house. On this floor the windows are angled to reveal specific views of the surrounding landscape and buildings – one being David Chipperfield’s Museum of Modern Literature across the valley in Marbach am Neckar. There are both outdoors and indoors swimming pools. The building’s middle floor is treated as a public space, with a big atrium in the lobby and large panoramic windows creating a sense of spectacle. Outdoors and indoors looks made in very modern even futuristic style. White and dark colors are always come hand by hand in such house designs.

the most futuristic house

the most futuristic house dining room

That how the house looked before redesigning:

the most futuristic house before

the most futuristic house in the world

the most futuristic house interior pool

the most futuristic house outdoors

the most futuristic house exterior


the most futuristic house night

the most futuristic house lounge

the most futuristic house interior

the most modern house interior

the most futuristic house interior

the most futuristic house floor plan

Photographs by David Franck, via

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Old Comments

  1. JNguyen Says:

    Amazing. Such a sleek design.

  2. Dave Says:

    Wow, these photos are simply amazing. I love the architecture and elegant designs displayed. I can’t help but notice how structured the walls look. Thanks for sharing!

  3. House Design Says:

    Futuristic – yet with a 70’s feel to it. Was this designer a student of Neirmier?

  4. Designers' Home Says:

    I like this futuristic design so much.

  5. drb Says:

    looks pretty 70s to me.

  6. Dale Says:

    I would think that a real futuristic design would be the greatest energy efficiency with low impact on the environment. This is a science fiction bleak view style, see THX1138.

  7. The King of the Universe Says:

    yes but would you want to LIVE in it. spend all your days chillin around in it. where do I put the tv?

  8. Daniel Lucas Says:

    I love this house it really is the most furturistic house I have ever seen.

  9. Tom Says:

    Futuristic has nothing to do with the environment! I’m so tired of hearing that. Who says in the future we need to have 0 impact. I imagine a future where the environmentalists move to a deserted island with no cars, no power, no medical care etc. and just live off the wild grass. That’s all they will have left after all their law suites to save the world are settled. Then that will leave me and the rest of the sane world to live in our carbon polluting but excellently cooled homes watching a DVD of small park while I pay someone to mow my lawn with a gas guzzling tractor. Oh and yah, I let my Hummer Idle endlessly. Its my right! I forgot what we are even talking about here.. yes, I remember . Cool house.

  10. Joe Says:

    Can appretiate the artistic approach, however seems very cold and non-comforting as a home.

  11. Abhishek Says:

    It seems that, complexity has been created in design giving no harm to function and spaces. And aesthetically it is mindblowing

  12. jr Says:

    i admire his design. maybe it enhances the capability not only the space inside but the landscape and the structure as a whole to approach uniqueness, acoustic and what we called “HOME”. :)

  13. Chris Says:

    Well im am doing a project and id like to scale size this hous just the outsides can i have the dementsions? thanks

  14. NENA Says:

    Does anyone have an idea how much this house would cost to build? Who is the architect and how can I get in touch with him / her?

  15. jhenalyn Says:

    Wow!!!! i also want to have that kind of house

  16. harshvardhan Says:

    it is amazing iedea. we could not imagine that this typr of house is reality
    in the future. it is enviourment friendly house.natural light is in it .

  17. Candice Says:


    I want to purchase the 5th image on this website.

    Can you mail me the details about the costing?

    Awaiting your reply asap.

  18. ste Says:

    this house is mindblowing does anyone know who the architecht is cos i will definatly want this as my house….LOL

  19. Peter Says:

    Doesn’t look cozy at all, don’t like it not one bit, the old design was much more appealing to me.

  20. Nil Street Says:

    This house looks like a pile of plastic and suits the environment just as much as the golf course manicured and plain lawn that is shown on the render. It’s so futuristic that it looks right out of a B series movie from the 70’s. As some people remarked, of course the work is a good artwork, though who would live in that house but somebody who is as cold as their environment? Well maybe somebody who think big and who likes to flash like that poser with his Hummer above. I’ve seen houses which had very futuristic looks without sacrificing the environment (Germany is full of them). Anyway, futuristic doesn’t mean only one possibility, the one from the 70’s when posers like the guy with his Hummer who couldn’t care less about anybody else’s well being were the trend.

  21. Daniel Says:

    That house is not a pile of plastic and it is very rude of you to judge them and say they made it to flash around…thats ignorant and if you ran to help the environment i dont think id like you very much…..know the truth dont guess it!!!

  22. Nil Street Says:

    Daniel, when somebody shows up their artwork, they also are out to get criticism. My comment wasn’t rude, it was my opinion on the looks of the house and realization that the house was nothing new, its looks are right from the 70’s. I didn’t say the house was made of plastic, I said the house looked like a pile of plastic, big difference, and it does look like it. I don’t criticize its looks or its environmental impact so you would like me, that’s something I couldn’t care less about. Just because you call people ignorant and believe it with all your heart doesn’t make it true. Learn history of architecture.

  23. Daniel Says:

    you may be intil to your opinion but if you cant really back it up with factual evidence then its rude. and pointless

  24. George Ngatia Says:

    WOW! That is what i’ve been searching for! The DUPLI CASA is surely ‘there’.. If the house is made of ‘plastic’,i would most likely want to believe it’s reinforced and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.I dont have the facts but am anxiously excited to know what materials went into buildig it.Any help there ? Lastly,i would like to know if J.MAYER H. Architects has more inspiring Futuristic designs.CHEERS!

  25. E.M.P Says:

    Now, I know nothing from the 70’s, but this is VERY futuristic and sci-fi looking. Amazing piece of art, even if it really is made of plastic. Very smooth and pure looking, with a cool crisp to it, I would say. However, I can see it not being a cozy, warm home. Also, if someone were to recreate this on the Sims 2 or 3. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  26. Nik Says:

    where is the front door???

  27. Tutoo Says:


  28. Raj Says:


  29. Vince Says:

    I agree Joe—-very sleek and modern, but incredibly cold.

  30. Dash Says:

    I’m not going to knock the architect of this place, as he’s clearly brilliant, but if I had to live day in, and day out, in a place that looked this sterile, I’d probably want to commit suicide. It looks like an office building.

  31. ramesh Says:

    Guys u know wat I am going to build the same house as per pic in malaysia.
    It is really cool and fabolous…head off to the designer.Appreciate your idea so much

  32. Brittany Says:

    EXPENSIVE but very NICE houses!!!
    I am am doing my final project for my computer class on these houses!!!

  33. joe Says:

    Futuristic, maybe not, but environmentally friendly possibly look at all the natural light it is letting in!

  34. edgar Says:

    futuristic sucks

  35. hs Says:

    This house sounds more like a retro-futuristic house.
    Well we arent on future, and so this house will eventually be a retro-futuristic one, but it sounds like past retro futurism

  36. Nwobiri Chibuzor Says:

    Perfectly made,no mistake,as if is a house in heaven.She has what evry man want.

  37. Jennifer Says:

    Wow.. That’s a really nice house really. I wish I could live in that.

  38. Isabel Says:

    I live 5 km away from this house! Can’t believe that its so famous! :DD

  39. Mike Says:

    I guess he isn’t THAT famous but it’s definitely popular in internet =)

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