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Top 10 Bathroom Furniture Designs – Best of 2009

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 | Best of 2009 | By Mike

Here are some best of bathroom furniture sets that we covered on DigsDigs during 2009:

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  1. Joseph Says:

    Reading blogs like this one always makes me feel like a kid with his nose pressed up against the window in a taffy shop! The home we have is the one we will keep, and it is a tract home, which absolutely lets out the wonderful modern designs I am always coming across in my Internet surfing. The only way to achieve something like this for us would be to completely remodel the exterior of the home—and the interior as well! Much too expensive, to be sure! But it’s an idea I find myself fantasizing about from time to time, especially when I see designs like these. There is a real glory to what has been done here, and I thank you for sharing these concepts with us.

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