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Scandinavian or Nordic style is very attractive and fashionable today because it’s rustic, minimalist and cozy at the same time. Scandinavian style is amazing for Christmas décor as Scandinavian people know well what a real winter is. Natural wood, black and white, fir tree wreaths and rustic lanterns compose a classical Nordic décor. Wanna some...
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Balls are so traditional that no Christmas can do without them. But they shouldn’t be all alike – use your imagination! You may find some balls to write on with a piece of chalk, or some to put your favorite carols on them. Colorful or with beautiful winter patterns – don’t put them only onto...
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If you are tired of all these gold, red and green decorations, if you don’t want anything traditional, go for modern Christmas décor! Modern Christmas décor will make your home no less festive but it will look chic and contemporary. Modern doesn’t mean minimalist, so you can take not only black and white or grey...
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