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50 Cool Easter Porch Décor Ideas
Easter décor should make you happy not only be inside but also outside! Decorate your porch and patio with some pretty accessories and wreaths to make the atmosphere more holiday-like. Burlap banners with rabbits, big baskets and nests with colorful eggs, add fresh spring flowers like daffodils and voila – your Easter porch is ready!...
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Gingerbread cookies are traditional Christmas yummies, and they are adorable not only on your table but also for décor. Of course, decorating with the cookies themselves is also possible – you can display them in a bowl or make a wonderful Christmas terrarium placing a gingerbread house inside and decorating with artificial snow. You can...
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30 Fun Pink Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

Pink is such a natural color for Valentine’s Day décor, that I just can’t imagine this holiday without it. That’s why I’ve gathered a whole bunch of pink Valentine decorations that will inspire even those who don’t like this color! If you have some pink or blush roses – just make cool decorations of them:...