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Easter décor should make you happy not only be inside but also outside! Decorate your porch and patio with some pretty accessories and wreaths to make the atmosphere more holiday-like. Burlap banners with rabbits, big baskets and nests with colorful eggs, add fresh spring flowers like daffodils and voila – your Easter porch is ready!...
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Corn has always been one of the main symbols of fall and of course Thanksgiving, so you can rock it in your fall décor, it’ll look original and rustic-inspired. Today I’d like to share some corn and corn husk wreaths – you remember that corn husk is great for crafting, right? The idea is pretty...
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36 Comfy And Relaxing Screened Patio And Porch Design Ideas

36 Comfy And Relaxing Screened Patio And Porch Design Ideas

We’ve already discussed and shared a lot of porch and patio ideas but we haven’t talked about screened ones. Screened porches and patios are extremely popular because they function as sunrooms, porches, patios and protect your from excessive sun or rain. Screening doesn’t mean only a roof, these can be windows, folding windows or screens...
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