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Blossoms, bright colors, singing birds – yes, spring is here! It’s high time that we decorated our spaces to welcome spring. What can you add to the kitchen décor to make it look spring-like? First of all, add bright colors – vibrant furniture, accessories or tableware. Colorful textiles is a cool and inexpensive idea because...
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Moss is a cool thing for décor as it looks so fresh and nature-like! Dazzling over the variants to incorporate moss into the décor? Adding moss topiaries for décor is really easy: put them into bowls or into candleholders and place them to the mantel, window sill or table. Putting moss into a bird cage...
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31 Affectionate Peach Accents In Home Décor

31 Affectionate Peach Accents In Home Décor

Peach is a very sweet and beautiful color, and it’s perfect for decorating in spring and summer. Though the color is sweet and pastel, and you can say that it’s only for girlish spaces, it’s not true. Peach accents can be made in any space, depending on what effect you want to achieve. It adds...