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Posts tagged "celebrity residence"

Hollywood House Of Michael C.Hall aka Dexter

Thu, Jul 19, 2012 | Movie houses

If you are a fan of amazing TV show Dexter like I am, you’ll be interested to see the house of Michael C. Hall aka Dexter Morgan. His house is located on Hollywood hills and the author is famous architect Hall Levitt. This building was bought by Michael in 2008 and changed according to his taste. The interior style is modern, simple and laconic. Lots of...Continue Reading...

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Shaquille O’Neals Star Island House

Fri, Jan 16, 2009 | Celebrity homes, Luxury home designs

Everybody in the civilized world know who is Shaquille O’Neal. As basketball mega star he earns a lot of money so like everybody he invests them. Real estate is one part of such investments. One of his houses where he live is situated on Star Island. It is an oval-shaped artificial island in Biscayne Bay, USA, between Miami and the island of Miami...Continue Reading...


Beverly Hills Residence for Celebrities

What every celebrity needs besides luxury from their home? Of course it’s privacy and probably a good location. The 10,000-sq.-ft. ultra-private house in a gated community off Mulholland Drive which rests at the end of a 250-ft. driveway with its own gate will be a great choice. The history of the house can easily show that. Once it was owned by...Continue Reading...


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