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Dynamic Colorful Interior With Vintage Furniture

Tue, Apr 3, 2012 | Contemporary home designs

This apartment belongs to a blogger and designer Eduard Nasyrov and is located in Kiev, the Ukraine. The style of the apartment is kind of pop-art with vintage and elements of other styles. All the furniture is vintage – it’s old furniture that was given to the owner by his friends and he restored it giving a new life. The main place in the apartment is...Continue Reading...

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Novela – Modernistic House Design in Japan

That isn’t the first project by october ueda & nakagawa architects in modernistic style. The skew house also has futuristic interior but Novela exterior hide it better. Although exterior isn’t as simple as it could be besides interesting windows it hasn’t any feautres. It’s just cube. The clients wanted big house so to achieve...Continue Reading...

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