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Posts tagged "power saving"

Unique Power Strip – Funny Multi-Snout Piggy For 17 Plugs

Mon, Nov 19, 2012 | Tabletop Appliances

What cuteness! This amazing pink piece by Russian designer Alexey Sharshakov is called Svintus, and that means ‘piggy’ in Russian. As a typical European socket reminds of a snout of a pig, the designer decided to use the idea. It’s not just a usual power strip, it’s a multi-snout cutie that you will not want to hide behind a couch. It’s a great...Continue Reading...

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EVE – energy usage monitoring and control system

Fri, Feb 13, 2009 | Going Green

EVE is an interactive domestic energy usage monitoring and control system. It consists of a primary interface which connects to a series of nodes which measure the energy usage of devices around the home. The interface displays this information on the various appliances around the house, and provides the ability to turn these devices off and on. The...Continue Reading...


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