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Eye-Catching Booleanos Cabinet With An Architectural Facade

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 | Sideboards

We’ve already told you of Booleanos chest of drawers inspired by the algebraic system of logic from the mid-19th century and that strikes with unique design. Its author, Mexican designer Joel Escalona, continued the theme with intriguing Booleanos cabinet. The storage piece’s architectural facade is formed from the illusion of layered squares that are...Continue Reading...


Original Tetris Storage Of Different Colors And Materials

Fri, Mar 14, 2014 | Sideboards

Remember Tetris game? You had to move the pieces to get scores, and now you can play it again with Tetris storage by Swedish design trio Front. Named after the popular video game, the Tetris storage cabinet is made up of individual components that are stacked together to create bold building blocks of color and texture. With an array of color and finish...Continue Reading...


39 Mid-Century Cabinets Made With Perfect Taste

Tue, Dec 24, 2013 | Furniture |

Mid-century modern style means elegance, luxury and sometimes bright and juicy colors that you can’t expect to be mixed. A cabinet is an important piece in every mid-century interior, so let’s have a look what you can choose. A mid-century cabinet is a harmonious piece that strikes with its shape mostly: original shapes, lines and combinations of...Continue Reading...


Futuristic Cabinet Of Walnut With Geometrical Lines

Thu, Oct 11, 2012 | Dressers

This cabinet is futuristic, mid-century and minimalist at the same time. The unusual piece is Terranos Cabinet by Jack Frost Design, it reminds of honeycombs. Its design prevents you from putting things on it detracting you from its aesthetic landscape form; absence of handles helps to highlight the shapes. The piece should stand at the wall with lots of...Continue Reading...


Cool Bright Cabinet In Mid-Century And Minimalist Style

Mon, Sep 10, 2012 | Sideboards

A cabinet is an ideal piece for storage and one of the favorite objects for design experiments. This one is called Mobilage and is manufactured by Macmamau. It’s a simple and compact cabinet with natural wood doors and on high and slender legs. Inside there are moveable internal shelves. The choice of materials and chromatic combinations, seemingly...Continue Reading...


Interactive Cabinet That Changes According To Your Needs

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 | Sideboards

We are all racking our brains to create or find the idea of the most functional furniture that would be suitable for small spaces and wouldn’t take much space. Designer Yi Cong Lu presents Growing Cabinet – a very practical solution for such a case. In contrast to other cabinets, the drawers of “growing cabinet” are located on the side. By...Continue Reading...


Functional Modular Storage Unit That Also Acts As A Chair And Table

Tue, Aug 2, 2011 | Sideboards

Tandem by Geoffrey Graven is a modular storage space that also acts as a chair and table when needed. It’s a great space-saving functional solution. It can become a table for your laptop and the rest would become a stool then. When you don’t need it, you may just use it as a side table. The great thing is that the top can be rotated. The storage is made...Continue Reading...

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Stylish Modern Cabinet Of Round Shape

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 | Other

This cabinet is modern, functional and of neutral colors – a nice example of modern minimalist furniture. Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen, a designer from Norway, guarantees to conceal your mess behind a set of pleasant looking drawers. This chest of drawers looks entirely different from the conventional rectangular ones. Peekaboo has a very rounded appearance...Continue Reading...


Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

Sat, Feb 19, 2011 | Bookcases

Chung-Tang Ho has presented Push and Store cabinet. This piece of furniture may accommodate anything that is not higher or wider than itself. This cabinet expands as it’s filled up. There no shelves, you just push the object inside and the cabinet expands to store it. The design could be used as a miniature bookcase or a CD case, it is all up to you and...Continue Reading...

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Modern Storage Furniture With Vintage Drawers

Wed, Nov 17, 2010 | Furniture

Franziska Wodicka is a designer behind schubLaden furniture. This unique custom-made furniture is designed for the kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway and every other room in the house. Each piece is is an amazing combination of modern varnished or oiled MDF body and vintage drawers. Most these drawers are taken from old furniture pieces that aren’t...Continue Reading...