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Scandinavian or Nordic style is very attractive and fashionable today because it’s rustic, minimalist and cozy at the same time. Scandinavian style is amazing for Christmas décor as Scandinavian people know well what a real winter is. Natural wood, black and white, fir tree wreaths and rustic lanterns compose a classical Nordic décor. Wanna some...
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The festive décor theme is to be continued! Today we’ll talk about Christmas front door décor – I know that many of you are looking for fresh Christmas ideas already. Make your front door cute with a wreath snowman, faux colorful gifts, small fir trees, cool frames with ornaments and even deer and fairy-tale creatures!...
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Decorate every room for the coming Christmas, so that its spirit came into your home! There are many ways to decorate your kitchen for Christmas, and you can do it in Scandinavian style, rustic style, minimalist style or in traditional, which we all love. To decorate in traditional style take red and green accessories, hang...
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